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Infant Room

For New Parents/Guardians

In the infant room your child will have an individualized lesson plan and schedule that caters to their development and needs. The infant room doesn’t have a set classroom schedule, this way we can give each baby exactly what they need in that moment. Throughout the day we will incorporate each aspect of development (physical, social, cognitive and language) into the child’s play. 

As the teachers in the infant room we are here to encourage, support and care for your baby. As well as help you in any way that we can. We welcome you to Miss Martys and look forward to getting to know your family.

What To Bring

What you will need to pack for your child as a new parent in the infant room:

  1. Diapers/Wipes- We do changes every two hours unless obviously soiled. Your child will need at least 5 diapers every day. You can send a bigger pack for the week or pack some in their bag daily. You will also need to pack them wipes. One pack will usually last them 10 days. We will inform you if you need more of either of these items so please check their daily logs every day. 

  2. Food/Drink- If your child eats food please pack them: a breakfast or morning snack (this is optional and depends on your drop off time), a lunch, and an afternoon snack. Feel free to pack for the week as well. Your child has their own cubby where all their snacks will go. Please send your child with at least one bottle of their preferred drink. If your infant doesn't eat food yet they will need at least 20oz of milk. If your child drinks formula please send an extra container in case your child drinks all their milk during the day. If you are using breastmilk please send extra to be put in the freezer. 

  3. Extra clothes- Please pack 2 or more extra outfits in your child's bag. These will stay in the bag until your child needs them. As well as clothes please pack your child 3 bibs. 

  4. Medicine/creams/ lotions- If your child needs any kind of rash cream, powder, or lotion it can go in their bag. If your child needs any kind of medication or prescription products you will need to fill out a medical form with the office before we will be able to give it to your child. 

Please do not bring toys from home. 


  1. A crib sheet and blanket- You are welcome to send your own especially if your child has a favorite. We can send them home daily or at the end of the week to be washed. If not your child will get their own sheet and blanket here that will be washed weekly. 

  2. Pacifier- If your baby uses a pacifier please pack one to be kept in the classroom.

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