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From ONE to TWO - On the Move!

​Welcome to the busy life of a Toddler!  The Young Toddler Room provides a loving, caring, and safe classroom  environment designed to challenge and help our young toddlers grow in all aspects of early learning and  education.   

A wide variety of learning occurs in our classroom as toddlers are always on the move checking out their world. Here are just a few of the various activities that take place in our classroom:

  • Introduce spoon and self feeding skills. 

  • Transition from bottles to Sippy cups.

  • Learning to climb/stand only on appropriate items such as climbers and slides

  • Learning how to push and ride small bikes

  • Gross motor skills such as kicking, throwing, catching, climbing and crawling through tunnels.

We have implemented the Frog Street Curriculum for infants and toddlers, which provides learning activities, crafts, songs and books to support age appropriate growth and development for each of our students.  In following our curriculum, we are able to develop child-centric lesson plans focused in the following learning domains:

  • Physical Development

  • Cognitive Development

  • Language Development

  • Social Emotional Development 

  • Approaches toward Learning


The highlight of every day is to watch our young toddlers learn though play

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