Information About Us

Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Miss Marty's

Family Handbook

All of Miss Marty's policies, procedures, and expectations are laid out in the handbook below. If you have any questions with regard to the information contained within, please contact our office for clarification.

COVID-19 Policies

All of our special policies and procedures for dealing with COVID-19 to keep our staff and your children safe.

Miss Marty's Enrollment Forms

Download and Fill Out to Start Your Child's Miss Marty's Journey

Getting to Know You Form

Answer basic questions about you and your child that will help us learn how to best serve our new student.

Emergency Contact Form

Authorizes release of the child to someone who is not the parent/guardian in the event of an emergency and the primary contact cannot be contacted.

Child Health Forms

To be filled out by your child's doctor or other health care professional. Includes medical history, immunization history, medications and other pertinent medical information.

PHL PreK Enrollment Forms

PHL PreK Application

2022-2023 Applications will be posted once they are published by the Philadelphia Office of Children and Families.  

PHL PreK Screening Assessment

The 2022-2023 Screening Assessment form will be posted once it is published by the Philadelphia Office of Children and Families.