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Older Toddler Room


We use Frog Street Curriculum to help guide our daily and weekly activities and themes in our Older Toddler Classroom.  Frog Street Toddlers is designed around the latest scientific early brain development research, and is a year-round program for children ages 18-36 months that focuses on enhancing the simple joy of childhood while equipping caregivers to nurture curiosity through exploration.

The Frog Street Curriculum focuses each child's development in four key domains:


Language Development Toddlers will be immersed in a language-rich environment essential for developing both receptive and expressive language skills. Frog Street Toddler includes high-interest books, stories, songs, poems, and chants that will amuse and delight toddlers. Vocabulary words are introduced and reinforced weekly through activity integration, colorful photo cards, and sign language to support all learning modalities.

Cognitive Development Frog Street Toddler offers activities that support cause-and-effect relationships and problem solving to develop foundational skills for lifelong learning. Each week, you will have a range of activity choices that will give little ones plenty of opportunities to express creativity, solve child-sized problems, and develop curiosity.

Physical Development The activity choices in this domain provide toddlers with fun physical challenges, action songs, and games that will build coordination, balance, and muscle strength. Children will develop both gross motor and fine motor skills as they squeeze, tear, roll, toss, catch, hug, hop, twist, run, and much more! and

Social Emotional Development Frog Street Toddler places a special emphasis on social emotional development because learning best evolves through relationships and responsive care giving. Toddlers will build confidence, learn impulse control, and develop social skills while caregivers build trusting relationships with children through one-on-one, partner, and small-group interactions.

A fifth domain, Approaches toward Learning, resides in and throughout other domains

Sample Monthly Lesson Plan:

For each theme, we include fun exercises, art projects, and exploration to pique the children's curiosity while we learn.


EXAMPLE - The theme for the month is BUGS.

Week 1: Explore, learn about and create Mosquitoes and Flies.

Week 2: Learn about and explore Ants and Bees

Week 3: Learn about, explore and create the Metamorphosis of a Caterpillar transforming into a Butterfly

Week 4: Explore, learn about and create Ladybugs and Dragonflies

During this month our class might create Flies, Ants, or Bees. We will sing songs, engage in pretend play and read books that align to our theme.  We will explore our surroundings to identify items that are the same size, color or shape.  There is so much to do, and so much to learn.  We can't wait to have fun with your toddler!

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