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Miss Marty's Summer Camp 2022

At Miss Marty's, we have an engaging summer program to keep your children active during the summer. We have a theme for every week.  Examples include: "Around the World", "STEM week" "On the Farm" and "Olympic week".  Our primary focus at Miss Marty's Summer Camp is providing a fun environment that is both safe and educational.

Our 2022 Summer Program will run from June 20th through August 26th.  We will have field trips for our campers over the age of 3, as well as on site guests to entertain and educate all of our kiddos!  With a great outside play area, we are able to host lots of fun activities, from free play, to sports, and water play for all ages.  

Our camp programming includes Storytelling, Arts & Crafts, Games, Small and Gross Motor activities, and many other fun and creative activities for each age group!

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